Friday, September 04, 2009

Life Fitness

The next few posts will be on the topic of "life fitness." This is, in part, an effort to avoid ranting about my current professional situation. More importantly, I want to share some of the strategies that have kept me sane during a tumultuous career.

Flexibility, strength, the ability to reflect, and developing mental toughness, are some of the areas I have had to focus on to be at my best. I will be examining these topics in the next few weeks. I am a master Reiki practitioner, a student of hypnotherapy, trained in Transcendental Meditation, a brown belt in Judo and karate, a practitioner of Guided Chaos, a proud gun owner, a certified Sports Performance Coach under USA Weightlifting, a certified Level 1 USA Boxing Coach, and some things I'm probably forgetting. This is all a part of the preparation. I look forward to sharing.

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