Sunday, August 30, 2009

Over 50 workout

I realize that I've given a lot of thought to my workouts. I also realize that one of the benefits of getting older should be the ability to simplify. It's not a question of "not being that guy" anymore. While still competitive, I don't have to pay as much attention to linear versus undulating periodization; alactic versus lactic versus aerobic systems; converting max strength into power etc. These are interesting things for study and important to know for the teenagers I'm coaching. For myself, I need to be relatively pain free, to move with grace and power, to be able to fight or run when I have to, to play with my children, to hike, and maybe dod some cool bodyweight stuff that my students can't do. To do these things I need light plyometrics like low squat jumps or rope jumping, medicine ball throws, calisthenics, yoga, kettlebells for the posterior chain, occasional sprints, and isometrics. A lot of my programming is now random, like a lot of life.

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