Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wolves and Sheepdogs

The 6'3" 250lb. man shouting at my female students - shouting that if they didn't kiss him, he would punch them in the mouth.  My 17 yr.old male student, afraid to come to school because after a physical altercation with his previously absent ex-con father, he was threatened with death.  Bullies flow through the lives of my students.  I'm 51 years old and feel like I may be the only thing standing between them and further chaos.  So I train and pray that when/if these times come to action, I am quicker, more violent, and better.  I hope to go home to my own family and wish that these children break the victim hold and use it as fire for the forge that can harden them into warriors who will one day fight for the children coming after them.

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