Saturday, November 25, 2006

High School Reality

We're now up to 48 students! They are refugees from different places and different things. There was an interesting study in Britain that linked increased truancy with an increase in bullying. Our students know that they will be safe and respected. It's tough for me to turn anyone away - even the 16yr. old with five credits. I know that I should maybe counsel them to get their GED but might it not also be true that with even a year of "real" school under their belts they are more likely to complete some kind of degree program? The 16-24yr. old age group is now the one that many people are concerned about as far as dropping out.

I didn't feel like working out yesterday but I did a bodyweight circuit of burpees (with a pullup), jumping jacks, grasshoppers, and mountain climbers. It worked my muscular AND cardio systems. then I finished with yoga. Who needs running!

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