Monday, July 03, 2006

Aging and Exercise

It's taken me a while but at 48 years old I think I've gotten smarter about my exercise routine. I now know that I really should do some kind of dynamic mobility routine everyday. Mark Verstegen, Martin Rooney, and Steve Maxwell have all put out good products on mobility. I go back and forth about using yoga, particularly after my chiropractor told me how much of his practice is made up of yoga and pilates gone bad. I will probably do more of a flowing "vinyasa" practice.

I think it's important to prepare your body to pick up heavy things from the ground and put them overhead but I no longer feel that it's important to exhaust the central nervous system. Bodyweight calisthenics are going to make up more of my regular routine. A weight vest and plyometric elements will maintain the power I need. Isometrics will also make up more of the work. Deadlifts, military press, bent-over rows, and occasional flat bench will make appearances. Power and strength endurance will help me more with fighting, outdoors activities, and life than will maximum strength. If I can stick to this, I know my joints will thank me.

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